Winter is the Quiet Time

Bergen Photo Walks

Obviously there isn’t much tourist activity over the winter months but Bergen Photo Walks has been working on prospects for the coming season, which will be upon us in a few weeks.

The good news is that we have secured a contract with one of the cruise ship companies to provide our services whenever they are in port, so that will be happening on several occasions during the coming months.  We have also had a fair bit of private tourist interest and the potential to become involved with another company within the tourist industry so things are beginning to take shape for the coming year.

During the long dark winter months here in Bergen we also took advantage of the many hours of darkness to get out and about around the city and get a different perspective on Bergen from that which the tourists see in summer…

untitled-10 (2000x1253)untitled-11 (2000x1151)untitled-17 (2000x1351)untitled-23 (2000x1161)untitled-25 (2000x1178)untitled (2000x1338)untitled-3 (2000x1333)untitled-8 (2000x1395)untitled-11 (2000x682)untitled-15 (2000x1333)

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