Mount Ulriken in Winter

Bergen Photo Walks

With the snowy, cold, wintry weather continuing, it seemed like an opportune moment to ascend the tallest of Bergen’s seven mountains on Monday.  Brilliant sunshine, clear skies and chilly air meant the views were fantastic from the top of Mount Ulriken, which stands at 643m (2109ft).

Ulriken is far from the highest mountain in Norway but it rises more or less straight out of the sea and is certainly an impressive sight when seen from the city down below and affords some spectacular views out over Bergen, the islands beyond and all the way to horizon…

Approaching the lower cable car station.

One of the cable car gondolas.

View over the city centre and the islands beyond.

Deep snow on top of Ulriken.

Looking out over Nordåsvatnet and the outer suburbs.

The communications tower and the winter sun.

Fresh air, snow and amazing views.

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