Travels in 2016

Rather than do a month by month review of the year in photos I thought I’d just recap on some of my travels in the last twelve months.  January saw a quick visit to the Netherlands and a chance to catch up with some old friends in the northern city of Groningen, combined with brief visits to Assen and Amsterdam…

Next up, in May,  was a jaunt to Croatia and the beautiful city of Dubrovnik which was the base for a couple of side-trips to Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kotor in Montenegro…

Later in May and, then in early June, some friends came over to Bergen so we had the opportunity to get out of town and see some of the spectacular landscapes of Norway…

August brought a trip to Spain and a brief tour around some of the fabulous sights of Andalucia…

The year’s last journey of note was a brief trip back home to Scotland, with a couple of days spent in Stonehaven and Aberdeen before journeying south back to Glasgow…

Next year is still a bit in limbo at the moment although February will see another visit to Scotland and May might see a trip to Prague.  As for the rest of the year, who knows?

25 thoughts on “Travels in 2016

  1. These are stunning images of an impressively wide variety of locales that you visited this past year. Best wishes for an equally exciting 2017 (with lots of photos to share with us).

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  2. wow!What an inspiring post.
    I’m totally agree with the post and think that instead of taking feel from the photos,people should visit to different destinations to explore the world so that they can have unforgettable experience.I can imagine from the post that the person who is exploring the places of these pics, what an amazing life he is living.

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