Wide and Weird

On Saturday a rather strange-looking visitor turned up in Bergen harbour.  Norwegian geophysical services company Petroleum Geo-Services brought their newest seismic research vessel to Bergen which isn’t all that unusual as many oil and gas industry ships and polar exploration vessels are regularly seen in the city’s harbour.  What is unusual is that this ship, the Ramform Titan, is the world’s widest ship.

With a length of 104m (341ft) the ship also has a beam of 70m (230ft) making her probably one of the ungainliest looking vessels afloat.  The Titan’s purpose is to lay out cables up to eight kilometres (five miles) astern which form a grid the size of 1,500 football fields through which pulses are sent mapping out the subsea geology which is of great benefit to oil exploration.

Unfortunately I was only able to get shots from one angle but since this was head-on you can get some idea of the breadth of the ship.  Given its short length the enormous width gives the ship the shape of a clothes iron and it’s certainly one of the strangest looking ships ever to enter Bergen’s busy port…

The Ramform Titan at the Skolten quay in Bergen.
The 70m wide ship moored in Bergen.

Some of the more regular ships in Bergen’s harbour…

006 008

23 thoughts on “Wide and Weird

  1. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia which is a large ice free harbour and it’s so interesting to see all the different things that arrive. We also have a pedestrian ferry that crosses the harbour so you can get out on the water and see things from that angle too. We get naval ships of all types, a huge hospital ship once, air craft carriers from time to time, Tall Ships, container ships, yachts, it’s all pretty neat.


      1. Yes we get loads of cruise ships as well. My favourite is every few years when we get dozens of Tall Ships in for a festival!


  2. It looks like it’s been flattened! I’m really interested in oceanographic surveys but not the kind that could bring deep sea drilling to the Arctic region! It’s just too important a place to global weather patterns and sea levels etc


  3. Interesting vessel. I’m with those who think that it is well past time to think of something other than oil. The sad thing is that if people put the same amount of energy and intellect (and money) into less polluting energy sources many problems would be solved quite quickly….but they won’t.


    1. I quite agree, but it can’t be done overnight (although it should be as soon as possible), but this was about an interesting ship not the pros and cons of the oil and gas industries! 😀


        1. I’m in agreement with you and at least tiny wee Scotland is playing its part in that despite the hurdles being presented but like I say it can’t happen overnight – research, experimentation, development, implementation all takes time. What we need is cold fusion I suppose 😀


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